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If you’re a local business that is looking for IT Support Jacksonville for your office, look no further. Our team can provide you with any IT related service you need. Licensed, Insured, in business since 2005

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    If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, reputable IT Company in Jacksonville FL, your search stops here, our certified IT technicians are expertly trained in customer service and standard IT practices.

    What IT Support Services Do We Offer?

    • Onsite and Remote Support

    One of the major reasons why we are able to keep costs down for our customers is because we skillfully combine onsite and remote support to ensure a well-rounded and affordable service. Some of our customers may want an onsite support representative present more often, while others are content with remote support. As a default, we begin most relationships with onsite support but transition to remote support and limit onsite responses to occasions where a major issue needs resolving.

    • Computer and Server Setup

    Every step of setting up the computer and servers at a company can be handled by our technicians. Say your company has received a new shipment of computers and related electronics, and now you need them set up. Our technicians will complete the installation of operating systems, specific software and security protocols to ensure the systems run without an issue.

    • Systems Backup and Recovery

    Companies are always taking a risk when they leave their data unprotected. Whether your firm’s data is located on hard drives, company servers, workstations, laptops or desktop computers, this data must be protected and backed up.

    Our team can help you set up a proper systems backup and recovery protocol. We help firms pick the best data backup option and we also setup a recovery protocol for instantly gaining access to data in case something happens to the main source.

    • Natural Disaster Planning

    We can never be too prepared for a natural disaster. Our company has seen so many businesses go under because they were not prepared for what a natural disaster could do to their network, servers and IT setup. Our team will sit down with the relevant individuals at your company and come up with a plan for handling natural disasters that could negatively impact your company.

    • Network Installation and Maintenance

    Whether you are running a physical business, or you are doing business online, you will need a reliable and stable network to be the backbone of your firm’s operations. Our IT support Jacksonville, FL team are experts when it comes to installing and maintaining networks.

    We ensure that your network is setup properly, so that it runs smoothly and is easy to tweak or upgrade when necessary. And with our 24/7/365 monitoring services, your network is always being watched by our remote support professionals.

    Landon Technologies can handle all of your IT Support Jacksonville, Jacksonville IT Services and Tech Support in Jacksonville needs in the Jacksonville area. Call 904-647-2248 for your free quote today!

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