TruVision Input Output Video Standard Mismatch

If you are seeing a TruVision Input Output Video Standard Mismatch alarm message from your DVR more than likely it is due to the Monitor Standard being incorrect. The correct video standard is auto detected by the DVR but this setting sometimes needs to be manually adjusted.

Does this TruVision Input Output Video Standard Mismatch notification look familiar? TruVision Input Output Video Standard Mismatch

How to Change the Monitor Standard input output mode

Display Menu video output mode

Open up the menu on your DVR. Select the Monitor menu, then check the first line where it says Monitor Standard. If it is set to PAL, click the drop down arrow and select NTSC or vice versa. Make sure to Save or Apply changes. See following image:

What is PAL and NTSC?

PAL stands for phase alternating line and is the standard video broadcast format in Europe, Australia, and most of Asia. NTSC, named for the National Television System Committee is the standard broadcast format for the United States. See here for further details regarding video standards.

Needing to make a video standard change to your DVR is a common configuration change

This article is geared toward the TruVision DVRs by Interlogix. But you could be experiencing a video standard mismatch alarm on a wide variety of DVR’s, such as Swann, Tektronix, Hikvision, Zmodo and others. Look at your manufacturers users guide for how to adjust the video standard on your brand of DVR.

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