What to Do When Your Laptop Screen Breaks

One reason why a laptop is handy is the ability to carry it with you wherever you go. This means you have easy access to your photos, videos, documents and the internet even while on the move. As such, it can be very frustrating when a major component like the screen breaks, and your laptop is no longer functional until you fix the problem, which can be very expensive.


Is it really broken?

A broken screen is a major problem for any laptop owner due to disruption of use and cost. The problem may not be very serious, requiring only a quick fix, but it might also mean you need a new screen. This is particularly the case with LCD screens, since the liquid inside it spreads, blocking any graphics or text you should be seeing.

Is anything else broken?

When your screen is broken, you need to check that the other laptop parts are working normally. You can easily do this by connecting it to an external monitor or television. If it works normally, then you can focus on replacing the screen. If your manufacturer’s warranty is still valid, you should definitely use it for the replacement, since you will get the most suitable screen and at no cost.

Buy a new screen

If your warranty already expired, you still have a few options. First, you could contact the manufacturer and find out how much the repair or replacement will cost. In most cases, this can be very expensive – it might even be cheaper to buy a new laptop. You can search online for a screen that would fit your laptop model.


The process and complexity of replacing a laptop screen depends on the manufacturer and the particular model. It may be held in place by a bezel or you may need to remove the keyboard to get to the screws for the screen. If you have never replaced a laptop screen before, it might be best to leave it to a professional to avoid the risk of damaging it.

Good as new

Once the screen is replaced, the final step is to confirm that it’s working as it should. Replace the battery or plug it into a power source then press the power button. It should work normally, and you can resume your normal laptop use with no problem.

How much does it cost to replace a laptop screen

How much would it cost to fix a laptop screen? How much to fix laptop screen depends on the brand and model. Prices for screen breaks depend to vary. Check with your local computer repair shop for an estimate. They will ask that you give them the exact brand and model over the phone, then they can provide an estimate.

Hopefully, we have answered your question on how much will it cost to fix a laptop screen.

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