What Will Computers and Phones Look Like in 2030?

This is a fun game to play. Because none of us knows what our relationship with technology will be like in a decade’s time.

the computer of the future

But we can make some educated guesses. Here is our 3:

1)   Our phones will be even more important than they are now

We’ll rely on them more and more. And they’ll get smarter, automating more of our lives for us. Little things like, your phone will unlock your car automatically as you walk to it, because it’s read your calendar and knows you need to head out. Perhaps it’ll even load the route into the sat nav for you

2) Artificial intelligence (AI) will be everywhere

It won’t be the kind of AI that we talk to. But the kind that makes our lives easier. We’ll constantly be pushing for more apps to just talk to each other and pass information to make things easier for us

3)  All our data will be in the cloud

So long as we’ve got fast enough internet to access it quickly, more and more data will be in the cloud, because it’ll be more convenient for us to access it there.

In summary, if you think about it, over the past 10 years your smartphone has become a much more important tool in your daily life. And no doubt about it, AI has arrived but not yet widely adopted. And data has been moving to the cloud for many years now and the trends are showing it will continue heading that way.

This article from HowStuffWorks.com goes in-depth about computers in the year 2050. Will they still have keyboards and mice? It also goes on to mention how computers typically double their computing power every 2 years on average. So imagine how much more powerful the average computer will become by 2030, let alone 2050.

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What do You think business technology will look like in 2030?        

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