How to Restore Hatch Computers

Please Read: Before you attempt restoring Windows on any computer you should first make a backup of any data that you need saved. Restoring a computer will erase all stored data and if not backed up your data will be lost. If you are unsure how to backup your computers data please consult with a professional or someone experienced with the process. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions about the proper backup procedure. Also, if your Hatch computer is using a wireless network for connectivity we suggest that you make note of your wireless network name and connection password. Restoring the computer will erase any saved network connection information.

Choosing to Restore

As an outsourced provider of Technical Support to Head Start programs we have found it necessary at times to have a Hatch computer restored. Choosing to restore a Hatch computer to factory condition could be for a variety of reasons. Perhaps one of the learning applications has become unresponsive or the system is or was infected with a virus or malware and does not function properly due to that. Regardless of the reason Hatch makes it easy to restore a computer to the factory image settings. Following are instructions of how to do the restore. For this tutorial we are using a Hatch All-in-One computer.

Only after completing a backup for your data, you can follow the below instructions (with pictures):

  1. Power on the computer. When the following screen appears, press the F7 key on the keyboard.

1-Turn on Press F7

2. This should bring you to the Advanced Boot Options screen. Using the keyboard arrow keys highlight Repair Your Computer and press Enter.


3. The next screen will bring up a System Recovery Options box. Leave defaults as they are and click Next.


4. In the box that appears, next to ‘User name’ click the arrow down and select User, then click OK.


5. After selecting ‘User’ your screen should look like the following, click OK.


6. In the next Window select the option, OEM Factory Restore.


7. An OEM Factory Restore box will appear, click Restore.


8. A Confirm Restore box will appear next, click Yes.


9. At this point the restore process begins. The following box will appear that gives you real time Progress and minutes remaining until complete.


10. When the restore is complete the following box will appear, click OK.


11. Click Restart in lower right hand corner. After clicking Restart your Hatch computer will reboot automatically and will then be ready to use.


12. After the computer reboots you will need to restore your network connections especially if the computer is wireless. If your Hatch computer was using wireless connectivity to access the internet before the restore you will need to reconnect it to your local wireless router in order for it to gain access to the internet. The reason for having to reconnect to the wireless network is that during the restore process all network connection information is erased.

13. Once a network connection is established on a Windows 7 computer you will be prompted to select a Network Location. We recommend choosing Work network.

Windows 7 Network Location Prompt

14. You are done. Congratulations!

The restore instructions in this post are for a Hatch computer that is currently running Windows 7. If you have already upgraded your Hatch computer to Windows 10 please read the following post for further instruction:

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4 thoughts on “How to Restore Hatch Computers”

  1. Kenneth Sessions

    Would like the same info for the Vista SP1 PC’S for the head start program.Computer description actually says “Imagination 2009.1”
    It has 300GB HD with a 15GB Hidden part.
    Thanks in advance for any info!

    1. Hello Kenneth! For Vista, instead of using F7, try pressing F8 repeatedly when booting to get to the Advanced Boot Options. From there you should see “Repair Your Computer” then you can start from Step 2 in the article. Let us know if you need any further help.
      – Bruce

  2. Not sure what the password would be, but instead of using F7 for step 1, try F5 or F6 to see if you can get past that password prompt.

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