How to Choose the Right Smartphone

Finding the right smartphone can sometimes be confusing. There are many considerations to take into account that would not be there when choosing a regular mobile phone. Here are few tips that will help you:


1. Choose the right operating system (OS)

The operating system (OS) is the platform used to run various programs on the phone. Operating systems have different strengths and weaknesses. The biggest difference you’ll notice is the availability of some programs and apps. For instance, a Blackberry would not be a good choice if you want to use apps. An iPhone would be your best choice keeping in mind that Android phones are quickly catching up.

2. Get the right size

Big screen phones are catching up in popularity. While a smaller display allows for a more compact design, a bigger one will be better for watching movies, playing games and enjoying photos.

3. Set your budget

Consider the price of the phone as well as the price of the plan. While the price of the phone is a one-time expense, the plan will likely be the larger expense. For instance, you could get a smartphone for 500 dollars with a plan that runs for two years at 80 dollars a month. Then, the plan would almost be four times the cost of the phone.

4. Select the battery life that suits your needs

Your smartphone will quickly become your most important device, so you should care about the capacity and the endurance of its battery. The best phone batteries generally provide 3,000 milliamp hours or above on a charge.

5. Select the best plan/carrier

When choosing a plan, think about how you use your phone and whether the plan will suit your needs. If you mainly use your smartphone for talking and texting with limited internet use, a plan with less data should do. On the other hand, if you are constantly downloading apps, movies and games, consider a plan that gives you sufficient data.

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