Ten things that may come with iPhone 6

Ten things that may come with iPhone 6 

When will the next iPhone come out?  Will it be the iPhone 6 or will it be an iPhone 5s?

It appears that consumers are always looking forward to the next new thing.  Speculation about the next iPhone was stirring even as the iPhone 5 was launched.  Some complaints were heard about iPhone 5 after it came out.  Most of those were about the Maps app and a quick battery drain on the phone.  There were some iPhones that had the problem of connecting to cellular data, even while connected to WiFi.


IPhone users are turning their interest now to rumors of the next iPhone.  What will its features be?  When will it come out?

A few online tech writers have already rounded up the rumors, and here are some possibilities for the next iPhone:

1) an iPhone 5s coming (possibly in the spring) and iPhone 6 next fall

2) the iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S could come with different screens and come in a range of colors

3) Apple may be working on plastic cases for its next iPhone, or some mixture of plastic and metal

4) the plastic parts could be to used to produce a cheaper iPhone model yet to be released

5) iPhone 6 may be running iOS 7 and

6) may have a bigger screen

7) a quad core A7 processor

8) faster wifi

9) and wireless charging

10) Last but not least, iPhone 5s, or the iPhone 6, will include a fingerprint detector.  Now, some of these are more likely than others, but we don’t yet know which ones will turn out to be true.

Android Domination

One thing is clear, though. Android is dominating the worldwide smartphone market.  IDC, International Data Corporation, expects worldwide mobile phone growth to be only 1.4% in 2012.  IDC also predicts that Android will have 68.3% of market share and iOS 18.8% for smartphone operating systems.  Apple still has the largest share of the tablet market, but Android is making progress there as well.

Apples innovations

Apple has gained a reputation for dazzling users, but it is hard to keep coming up with innovations that make consumers marvel, and drive demand and high profit margins.  With the smartphone market in the U.S. becoming saturated, Apple may need to sell an ever-increasing number of iPhones and iPads to new markets.  They appear to be doing well in China, for instance.   Otherwise, Apple may be forced to cut costs and prices on their devices in order to compete.

Many potential iPhone 6 smartphone users, stockholders and tech reporters are waiting to see what Apple will come up with next.

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