Using QR Codes for Your Business

Marketing specialists and agents are benefiting from the growing number of smart phones and their users. Reaching customers is now easier than ever and QR codes play an important role in this process. Some of the reasons why you should consider incorporating QR codes into your business strategy include:


Free Promotion
Your customers can quickly and easily “follow” or “like” your business when you create codes that link directly to your Facebook page or Twitter account, as opposed to having to search for it on the internet. QR codes also allow people to pin your products on Pinterest and share blogs and other links through their social media venues.

Small Business QR Codes

No different than other business owners, you may find it difficult to get customers to complete surveys. With QR codes, customers can participate in surveys while they stand in line or when seated at a table in a restaurant. The convenience will encourage greater customer participation and the rapid turnaround time will work in your favor. You can also use QR codes to gather business reviews for online sites, such as Yelp and offer special discounts for customers who write reviews.

Increase Online Traffic
QR codes that have clear goals are placed in convenient locations; people are more likely to take the time to visit your site. Offering valuable products and services to your customers will also help drive the kind of traffic you are looking for. A restaurant, for instance, could place QR codes on the menus offering nutritional information about their dishes.

Reach Your Local Audience
QR codes can be used to build relationships with your customers and even bring them to you. Customers will get other customers talking about your business, while good incentives will increase the possibility of repeat customers. Word of mouth is always a winner.

Email Subscriptions
Many companies have adopted QR codes to allow their customers to sign up for newsletter subscriptions and to build their lists of customers. Newsletters allow new customers to learn about and stay connected with your business, which enhances customer relationships and increases their loyalty.

In addition to QR codes for marketing, never get forget about the marketing power of a well built website. Check out our next article on how to get more visitors to your website.

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