Please choose to read or not Email Phishing Scam

Have you received email phishing scams with a subject line that contains “Please choose to read or not“?

Please choose to read or not” is an example of an Email Phishing Scam and you should delete the email immediately.

Email phishing scams are on the rise. Keep your online security safe and do your due diligence and research. Unless you receive an email from someone you know, a business acquaintance etc, it is most times a scam. Pay attention to the email address listed in the To: field. This is the email address the scammer used to contact you. If you have used that email address to do online shopping, it is possible that the scammer received your email address as part of a larger database or list of email addresses from a hacked website. Hackers typically gain these lists of emails when sites with databases are hacked. Stay Safe everyone!

Another example of this type of phishing email was posted by Kansas State University IT Help Desk:

Please choose to read or not - Edited

Beginning of email phishing scams message:

—–Original Message—–

From: Arias Fiorino [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Monday, October 15, 2018 8:39 AM

To: [email protected]

Subject: Tiсket#636608278 <[email protected]> 15-10-2018 03:38:49 Please choose to read or not


Expect you will not mind my english grammar, because im from Philippines. I toxified your machine with a malware and im in possession of your personal information out of your computer system.

It was set up on a mature site and then you\’ve selected the video clip and clicked on it, my application immediately got into your os.

And then, your web-camera documented you hand partying, furthermore i caught a footage that you have seen.

Just after a while it also picked up all of your device contact info. If you happen to need me to wipe off your everything i have got – send me 640 dollars in btc it\’s a cryptocurrency. This is my btc account transfer address – 1KUdCdxkbnBxGAaGaXY8kfte87YbUHodTD

At this point you have 22hrs. to produce a decision When i will get the deal i will eliminate this evidence and everything thoroughly. Otherwise, you should remember that your footage will be submitted to all your contacts.

End of Please choose to read or not Message

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