MyHomework for Students

While many iPhone apps are considered a distraction for students, some are actually helpful. The discipline of adhering to a schedule is difficult for many students. Thankfully, MyHomework takes care of this problem, by allowing students to keep track of different due dates for every course. The free app can be used as a stand-alone basis or as a synced Facebook feature for $4.99 per year.



The MyHomework home screen features icons for Calendar, Homework and courses in the top row. To start off, tap on the Classes icon which takes you to the area where you add course details, including the course name, building and room number, and course dates and times. The Add Class tab or “+” button in the top right corner can be used for this.

Next, the required information is entered to create the course schedule, using the built-in calendar. This feature is handy for students enrolled in courses located in different buildings.


Once you have added a course, a schedule can be added using the Add a Schedule tab. One major benefit of MyHomework is the use of small design touches like the corner paper clip or the tear edge at the bottom of the page, which give the app a more authentic look.

Add Homework tab

The Add Homework tab on the home screen allows students to enter assignments by course type and priority. Types include Homework, Read, Study, Test, Paper and Presentation. These are helpful for setting study schedules. Each entry can also be set to high, medium or low priority. High priority tasks are displayed to show what should be completed first. The page also has an easy delete option for each finished assignment, giving students the same satisfaction they would get from crossing things off a to-do list.

MyHomework sends alerts whenever a due date is approaching. This feature is available with a paid subscription. The free version only lists the highest priority tasks at the top with the dates highlighted. Even without the alerts feature, this is still an ideal app for effectively tracking and completing your school assignments.

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