Google Introduces Android for the Office

Google launched a new product that promises to revolutionize the way business is conducted. Its new program “Android for Work” is designed to streamline the use of Android smartphones into day-to-day business operations. This program could potentially turn into a multi-million dollar enterprise with the scope of Google’s support and the fact that so many people are already using Android phones.

Android for Work

Google intends for Android for Work to make routine business tasks simpler when users are on the go and increase productivity out of the office.

The program will integrate a wide array of hardware and software already on the market and is comprised of the following four major features:

1) You can manage your work and personal profiles from a single Android device. This is helpful when you need to share company files but don’t want to reveal your personal activities to colleagues. From the Android for Work program, just mark apps with the appropriate badge to control your privacy settings.

2) Since older Android devices can’t upgrade to the popular Lollipop, Google’s new program provides its own set of calendars, contact lists, secure email, and more that works in virtually the same fashion. These useful business tools are also IT-friendly, so there is plenty of integration and support for your convenience.

3) From a business standpoint, employers can control what is downloaded onto Android devices that operate on the corporate dime through Google Play for Work. This should significantly cut down on employees striving to reach the next level of Candy Crush Saga or the next new game craze when more important things are afoot.

4) Android for Work also comes with an impressive business suite, which allows users to edit documents or presentations on the fly. These tools are even designed to work seamlessly with non-Google products, such as Sheets, Docs, and Slides. This allows colleagues to fine-tune projects as necessary and show clients their best side.

Android for Work promises to be Google’s next great thing in the business world, following in the footsteps of its other popular products, such as Gmail, Chromebooks, and Drive for cloud storage.

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