Google Fiber Internet is Coming to a City Near You

Google Fiber, an internet service by the giant company, is to take the world by storm. It is now available in Kansas and the word is “great.” It is to come next to different cities across America (e.g. Austin, Provo) and in a small span of time to the whole United States and ultimately – who knows? – the world.

Many people across the globe are this early already eager to experience the glory of the promised one gigabyte per second service of Google Fiber. The tagline says, “…starts with such a connection that is 100 times faster than today’s broadband with instant downloads, Crystal clear high definition TV and everlasting possibilities.” It’s pretty valid for one to beckon at this kind of service, especially if his current overpriced internet plan is nowhere near Google Fiber’s.

Quite possibly the next ISP giant promises a very tempting home internet and cable system which has the Google Nexus 7 as you’re remote. Installed around your home are different types of boxes which serve different purposes, collectively to make your experience worth the money you will spend. $70 per month of internet is a lot of money, but it’s 1 Gbps! It literally doesn’t get better (thus far) than that.

The fastest internet service on the planet

Tech savvies and wiccans (?) across the globe are most affected by Fiber’s hype. A lot of these people have been itching on their seats to get a taste of the fastest internet service in the planet. Imagine a download and an upload speed close to a gigabyte. I know. The possibilities are infinite. You can do way a lot of things at the same time. Which is a good thing, but, as critics and pundits point out, also tends to get underwhelming.

A regular internet user won’t need a gigabyte internet service unless that regular user is discreetly running a large online company in his basement.

Is Google Fiber Worth it?

Google Fiber is to take by storm, this writer said. Did he speak to soon? No. Google Fiber will take the world by storm whatever – direct or indirect – way. For one, it already had pushed other internet service providers to up their game and offer better and faster internet. For another, business owners can now operate online without having to pay providers thousands of dollars to other providers.

Imagine the possibilities – it’s infinite.

And while we don’t need infinite just yet, it’s great that we are having it in advance.

Texas is already smitten by Google’s wonderful and unbelievably cheap internet service.

It isn’t too hard to picture that soon the world will get to experience this glory too. Innovations like Google Fiber make Google rightful of its technical last name: “knows everything.” It now does. It gives you super-fast internet, so take it that Google now knows everything.

Can I Get Google Fiber?

See for a current map of Google Fiber locations at

Google also thrives in making technology enthusiasts break to tears with presenting such revolutionary service. As Google Fiber takes the world by storm, more and more internet users will be overly delighted.

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