3 Social Media Pitfalls Business Owners Should Avoid

Social media in the 21st Century is an important tool for the success of your online business. With at least 73% of adults having one or more social media account(s), social media can greatly benefit your business. However, it can also be detrimental if not handled properly. If you are a small business owner, it is important to assess the state of your business and make the necessary changes based on your needs and context.


The  following are three social media mistakes you should steer clear of this year:

1.Too much social media

Although it is a critical tool for your business; however, it is important to have a clear strategy for using social media. Many blogs are dedicated to social media strategy tips, but your efforts should not be at the expense of traditional tactics. Spending all your time on Twitter will hurt you because it will take your attention away from other vital business operations. As a rule, your social media strategy should always be about balancing your investment with your return – don’t put in too little or too much energy in it.

2. Not enough paid social media marketing

Two years ago, you were advised never to pay for advertising or sponsored content on Facebook or Twitter. However, a lot has changed since, and social media platforms have completely changed the methods by which they deliver content to their users. As a result, it is worth investing in paid content promotion and giving your content a targeted boost.

3. Too many apps

Today, there are many apps and tech tools designed to facilitate running and managing a business. However, their sheer number is capable of overwhelming and confusing any business owner. So, take the time to research the available apps and what they could offer in terms of benefit to your business. Do not use an app simply because it’s cool or available. Stick to those that will have the biggest impact for your business.

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